Friday, 19 April 2013


As this is still a baby blog I shall be throwing in some baby booties for my first post. I love knitting baby shoes. There is a superior level of cuteness involved that makes me want to have babies for the sole purpose of showing off their footwear. Unfortunately I am not maternal, so instead I knit booties for other people's little people. They make an ideal gift as the wow factor is high AND they fit in a bubble envelope. This means I can delay having to visit the little squirts until they have reached the age where projectile vomiting is no longer on their repertoire. Everybody happy. 

There are some lovely patterns available on Ravelry, some free, some not. I have listed a few of my projects below, with a link under the image to the Ravelry Page where the pattern can be sourced.  

Schoolboy Baby Booties

Yarn choice: Drops Merino Turquoise and Off White
Buttons: Some left overs I had knocking about
Needle Size: 3,25 mm

Schoolboy Baby Booties

Mary Janes Garter Stitch

Yarn choice: Drops Merino Cerise and Off White
Buttons: Left Overs Again
Needle Size: 3,25 mm

Baby Janes Garter Stitch

Mary Janes Stocking Stitch

Yarn choice: Drops Merino Off White
Buttons: Left Overs 
Thread Choice: Pink
Needle Size: 4 mm

Baby Janes Stocking Stitch 

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