Sunday, 12 May 2013

Crochet: DIY Washable Cotton Wool Pads

Every so often I like to venture out and crochet a little. Especially when I find a lovely project such as this pattern here on Moral Fibres. These fluffy cotton wool pads are soft on the skin and perfect for removing make-up. I love it that they are washable and therefore more sustainable than pads you just throw away. They're a quick and easy crochet for yourself or for a cute little gift.  

I used up some leftover Twilley's Freedom Sincere Organic Cotton DK to make my pads and felt mighty sustainable about it. Somehow I couldn't quite get the 8 puff stitches in the middle as suggested by the pattern. I tried, but it just seemed too many to all fit next to each other. Also, I wanted my pads a bit bigger in circumference, so decided to go for less puff stitches per row but add a third row. This is how mine came out: 

Washing Instructions:

  • If you want the pads to stay pristine, rub natural plant based soft soap on the stains and let sit for an hour before throwing in with your other whites. 
  • Wash at 60 degrees C and let either dry naturally or tumble dry for extra fluff.
The pads will probably shrink a little, which makes it a good idea to make them slightly bigger than they need to be.


  1. Hey, so glad you gave this a go! Yours have turned out great! Thanks for the tips about washing as well - that was something we missed!

    Wendy @ Moral Fibres

    1. Me too! I have been showing them off all over the place and people think they're great :)

  2. They look great. I'm so glad you gave them a go and shared them with your readers. Yes, the design I did for Moral Fibres shrunk quite a bit but I was determined to pack the clusters in as tight as possible. Yours is a perfect version for slightly bigger pads.

    It's so nice not to have to buy disposable ones anymore! Keep on spreading the word!

    1. Thanks Lindsey and will do! I put your pattern on Ravelry as well here: It already been favourited about 40 times :)